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Welcome to P.J.G. Consulting & Appraisal
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Used vehicle, watercraft, and property inspections & appraisals in Chicago, IL and surrouding area.

Damaged, diminished value, pre-purchase used car and vehicle valuations, appraisals, and inspections.


Damaged, diminished value, pre-purchase boats and watercraft valuations, appraisals, and inspections.


Damaged, diminished value, pre-purchase property valuations, appraisals, and inspections.


Find out what it's worth today - call Phillip J. Grismer

We are expert used vehicle, watercraft & property inspectors & appraisers. 43 years of experience. Expert witness testimony for plaintiff or defendant, federal or state courts nationwide.
Since 1997 American Technical Inspections developed into P.J.G. Consulting & Appraisal, as the demand for pre-purchase appraisals increased.
Both inspection/appraisal companies are the result of Phillip J. Grismer's belief that the automotive sales and
service world are operated by basically decent, honest people who work hard to earn a living in a very competitive world. His belief is also that crooked and or dishonest dealers and poor quality manufacturers are a minority and should be caught and stopped from ripping people off as soon as possible.
Even good, honest dealers occasionally sell a defective or sub-standard vehicle. Even the greatest manufacturers will occasionally make a defective product. Regardless of whether you are manufacturing or retail selling, sometimes you have a clunker. Beware of consumer fraud.

Whatever personal property you need to have evaluated, for whatever purpose, call us. We can help.

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  • Litigation/Arbitration and Dispute Consultation
  • Vehicle Inspection & Appraisal
  • Watercraft Inspection & Appraisal
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Personal Property Appraisal


  • ASE Certified Automobile Technician
  • Illinois State Board of Education Certified Automotive Instructor
  • CAGA Certified Personal Property Appraiser
  • IAAA - International Automobile Appraisers Association
  • Certified Heavy Equipment, Agriculture Equipment & Heavy Commercial Truck Inspector
  • Certified Recreational Vehicle Appraiser by the National Recreational Vehicle Appraisers Association
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