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Inspections & Appraisals | Vehicles, Collections, and More

We offer multiple types of inspection/appraisals.

You can come to us, or we will come to you!

Pre-purchase inspections. Know exactly what you are buying and take the worry out of used vehicle purchases.

If brought to us at our Genoa, IL, facility, $75.00

If we come to you within a 50-mile radius of Genoa, IL. $125.00.

Any reputable seller will agree to have the vehicle inspected by us before you pay for the vehicle. Simply tell them you want it "held" and you will have it inspected a.s.a.p. a deposit may be required; if so, get it in writing that the deposit will be refunded if the vehicle is unacceptable.

Also get it in writing, that the deposit will apply to the agreed to the final purchase price of the vehicle if you buy it after the inspection. Pay any deposit by check, not a charge card or cash. Call us at 708-267-0029 to set up your inspection.

Three things will be required at the time of inspection: (1) a visual inspection of the vehicle. With photos and paint thickness measurements; (2) a road test with facility representative driving; and, (3) a hoist inspection of the underside of the vehicle. If the seller will not allow any of these to be performed, run away!!
Diminished value appraisals.

These are generally performed for litigation/dispute
and or arbitration purposes.

If the vehicle is brought to our Genoa, IL, facility, $300.00

If we come to you, within a 50-mile radius of Genoa, IL, $400.00.

Motor homes, diesels, commercial trucks, equipment and agriculture equipment, $400.00 and up.

Call us to discuss your needs at 708-267-0029.

Second opinion inspections.
Have you had your vehicle repaired at a repair facility and now it does not work or perform the way it did before the work was performed?

Did you pay some shop to fix your vehicle, and the result was a vehicle that acted completely different from when it went in for service and not in a good way?

Did you pay a shop to work on your vehicle and they wrecked the car while it was in for service?

You can just lie down and accept the situation, or you can contact us and discuss the condition. We can determine a course of action and arrange to inspect the vehicle to determine the cause and extent of the recent repair work that went sick. Then a repair plan and course of action to resolve the complaint can be created.

Call us to discuss your situation. Phone 708-267-0029.

Forensic Vehicle Appraisals.
These appraisals are done when the vehicle is involved in a dispute and the vehicle is not readily available or is no longer available at all.

Call us to discuss your needs at 708-267-0029.

These are often done for clients in and outside the state of Illinois. These appraisals are often done first and the vehicle inspected at a later point in time, if it is still on the planet. Forensic appraisals begin at $400.00 and are charged at $250.00 per hour. These appraisals can often be concluded for around $1,500.00.
Insurance valuation for coverage.

Insurance and Used Car Vehicle coverage, valuations, appraisals, and inspections.

Protecting your classic vehicle or watercraft and your insurance carrier wants the vehicle appraised?

Call us at 708-267-0029, we can help.

As a certified personal property appraiser, we have the resources and experience to prepare a valuation appraisal report tailored to your specific needs.
Call us at 708-267-0029 to discuss your needs.

Whether you need a valuation for:

Wine collections,
Wine collections valuation, appraisals, and inspections.

M.I. Hummel collections,
M.I. Hummel collections valuation, appraisals, and inspections.

Llardro collections,
Llardro collections valuation, appraisals, and inspections.

Weapon collection valuations, appraisals, and inspections.

Or Motor Homes,

Vehicles, Trucks, and Equipment valuations, appraisals, and inspections.

Recreational vehicles, travel trailers, commercial heavy-duty trucks, agricultural equipment, commercial equipment and vehicles being appraised for divorce, bankruptcy, partnership dissolutions, and insurance, contact us.
Valuations are done at $250.00 per hour.

Call us to discuss your needs.


  • Litigation/Arbitration and Dispute Consultation
  • Vehicle Inspection & Appraisal
  • Watercraft Inspection & Appraisal
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Personal Property Appraisal


  • ASE Certified Automobile Technician
  • Illinois State Board of Education Certified Automotive Instructor
  • CAGA Certified Personal Property Appraiser
  • IAAA - International Automobile Appraisers Association
  • Certified Heavy Equipment, Agriculture Equipment & Heavy Commercial Truck Inspector
  • Certified Recreational Vehicle Appraiser by the National Recreational Vehicle Appraisers Association
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