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Pre-Purchase Inspections & Information

We have seen far too many people that have swallowed, hook, line, and sinker, the sales pitch from the fortune tellers and car pimps at the local used vehicle sales lot. Only to find out later that the situation was completely different. You can keep this from happening to you by calling us.

PJG Appraisal Lemon Law"Oh, I saved up all my money, I gonna buy me a flashy car, so I go downtown to see da' man and he smoking on a big cigar.
Well he must've thought I were Rockefeller, or an uptown man of wealth, he said, boy, I got the car that's made for you and it's cleaner than the board of health.
Then I get on the highway, oh I feel in' fine,
I hit a bump, then I found I bought a car held together by wire and a couple a' hunks of twine!"
(song lyrics)
- Hard Time Losin' Man, by the late, great, Jim Croce.

The majority of used vehicle purchases nationwide go smoothly and the vehicle is what it is purported to be by the seller. Resulting in a satisfied consumer and fair exchange of property between the seller and buyer.

Unfortunately, periodically, but all too often, these situations turn ugly quick. The end result is that the vehicle owner, stuck with a defective vehicle, will need to consult an attorney for any kind of actual relief and this can take considerable time.

To avoid this situation we recommend that, before you sign documents or pay for a vehicle, have it inspected. While we would appreciate your business, we also recognize that there are numerous honest and unbiased experienced people in the inspection industry that you can use. Whether you call us or someone else, you should follow these guidelines.

First, tell the salesperson up front that you are going to have the vehicle you select inspected by a third party. After you select the vehicle and agree on the price, call the inspection company and arrange to either have the vehicle inspected at the sales facility, or bring the vehicle to the inspection facility.

Do not put up any money unless the vehicle has been inspected. A small deposit may be required to "hold" the vehicle for a couple of days. If so, write a check for the deposit. It can be canceled. Do not pay cash. Do not use a credit or debit card. Whenever possible, always, always finance the vehicle. Do not pay cash for a vehicle. Get a written assurance that the deposit is fully refundable if you do not purchase the vehicle. Get a written assurance that the deposit will be fully applied to the purchase price, if you do choose to purchase the vehicle.

Call us at 708-267-0029 for a pre-purchase inspection, $125.00 if we come to you, $75.00 at our facility. Cheap insurance! Cheap peace of mind!

Give us the details and we will arrange with the seller to see the vehicle. It will be given a visual overall inspection and photographed, & the paint thickness will be measured. Then the paint thickness will be compared to the factory specified normal thickness, to check for repainted surfaces after manufacturer. The OBD or OBD II system will be scanned for any stored or active Diagnostic Trouble Codes.
It will be road tested and it must be hoisted so we can inspect the underside. If the seller is unwilling to allow any of these three things—run away!

We charge $125.00 ( within a 50-mile radius) for this type of inspection and will supply you with the average nada, kelley blue book, or black book USA values, so you know you are paying in the right price range for the condition of the vehicle as inspected, or not.
Have us inspect it first!

Do you want this?

Defective, damaged used vehicle pre-purchase inspections.

Or do you want this?

Defective, damaged used vehicle pre-purchase inspections.

Would you want to own this car
for your next vehicle?

Defective, damaged used vehicle pre-purchase inspections.

Seriously, how would you know?

Defective, damaged used vehicle pre-purchase inspections.

At P.J.G. Consulting & Appraisals,

We do know!


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