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Testimonials on PJG Consulting & Appraisal

"Background, Mr. David Bates of Wisconsin purchased a Mercedes Benz SL 600 AMG roadster from Chicago Motor Cars of West Chicago, Il. It was discovered that the vehicle had been damaged prior to sale and was in fact not an AMG edition. A law suit was filed in Federal Court and was continued in Federal arbitration with JAMS. "Mr. Grismer, We truly do appreciate the time and effort you spent discovering the history of the Mercedes SL600. Without even getting to put your hands on the car physically, you were able to find things out nobody else could. The final report that was written for all parties to view and present to the courts was in such great detail, any person reading could understand and paint a very vivid picture in their head. Your opinions were backed with ongoing facts clearly showing your knowledge and experience inspecting vehicles. Your involvement with our case and investigating skills far exceeded our expectations, and for that we are extremely grateful. We now know that before buying our next used vehicle, we want you to inspect it.

Thank you again!" 4-14-2013"

David Bates DEB Systems, Wiscons

"Background, The Martins had purchased a new 2010 Fleetwood Bounder 35 H Motor Home coach with a Workhorse Custom Chassis. They immediately experienced a defect in the leveling jack system,causing bending and not retracting. Fleetwood attempted several repairs & modifications through RV World of Georgia, with no correction to the defect. The Martins were told that there was no repair possible, live with it. Fleetwood refused any further responsibility and Workhorse denied coverage, stating that the jack system was defective and Fleetwood installed it. A law suit was filed in Federal Court in Georgia. After reviewing the case files, documents and photos, as well as the coach, Phil Grismer found that the Workhorse frame rail was insufficiently supported to keep the frame from flexing when the leveling jacks were deployed, causing bending and the inability to retract the jacks intermittently. As a result of Phil Grismer's involvement, the case was settled by Fleetwood and Workhorse, August 2013 in favor of the Martins, to avoid a public trial. Attorney T. Michael Flinn of Carrollton, Georgia, stated that "I am sure that Phil Grismer's review in support of the consumers complaint was helpful. It caused a question of fact for the court, on the condition of the RV. The RV company caved and settled soon after his affidavit and deposition testimony." "Thank You for your help." 8-13-2013 "

David and Donna Martin, Gerogia

"Background, Mr. Lateef Batunde Ganiyu, purchased a used 2009 Toyota Camry. Approximately 1 month later, he took the vehicle to Valezquez Muffler & Brake in Chicago Il. to have the oil and filter changed. A few days later, the engine seized up. A lawsuit for negligence was filed against Valezquez Muffler & Brake, after refusing to repair the vehicle. Based on the testimony of Phil Grismer, proving that the filter was improperly installed and destroyed the engine, Mr Ganiyu prevailed in court, against Valezquez Muffler & Brake, in August 2013. The judge ordered a $13,000.00 award to Mr. Ganiyu and his Attorney, David A. Heard of Chicago. " Ganiyu V. Valesquez Muffler & Brake Chicago, Illinois. Mr. Grismer, Thank You for your assistance. If you ever need a referral, just let me know ! " "For as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he" David A. Heard Attorney Chicago Illinois. 8-9-2013. "

Lateef Batunde Ganiyu

" Imagine this happening to you! Background. Mr. Kinsella purchased a 2011 brand new Infiniti G37X from Infiniti of Hoffman Estates Illinois for $56,000.00 on 12/2010. the dealer filled the vehicle with fuel and delivered the vehicle to Mr. Kinsella. the check engine light was on at the time of delivery. at 120 miles the vehicle was returned to the dealer service department to correct the check engine light. the dealer diagnosed that the vehicle had not been pre-delivery inspected prior to delivery to the customer and they completed the pre-delivery inspection. the vehicle was returned running rough and the service manager had the vehicle inspected and drove the vehicle home bringing back by tow truck the next day! the dealer kept the vehicle through January into February while the owner was deprived of the vehicle. the dealer added fuel to the vehicle while in service and returned the vehicle to the vehicle owner telling him it was all taken care of. the vehicle owner drove to a nearby gas station on his way home and added 5 gallons of premium fuel. the vehicle stalled out 2 miles later and was towed back to Infiniti of Hoffman Estates again. the vehicle was diagnosed as having Diesel Fuel mixed in the gasoline causing the engine to stop running. the estimate to repair was $37,000.00 including a new engine, catalytic converters fuel injectors and electronic control unit. The vehicle had been taken apart and put back together and it NEVER ran again. The Hoffman Estates Infiniti dealer locked the vehicle on a hoist and refused to return the vehicle to the vehicle owner until he paid them $7,800.00 for diagnosis fees. At this point he called consumer attorney William Hutul. After extensive investigation it was found that the vehicle had never had Diesel Fuel in the gasoline system and chemical tests of the remaining gasoline were inconclusive. The fuel system had been drained of the gasoline that was installed primarily by the dealer, and the vehicle would still not run. During the trial in 12/2013 the defense attorney claimed that the rear name badge on the vehicle was changed by the vehicle owner. Instead of a G37x it showed G56x the defense claimed that this was an illegal modification to the vehicle. When asked about this, Phil Grismer responded "change them back, Let's see if it runs!" the jury awarded $7,800.00 for the repair work that the dealer charged for, $56,000.00 for the price of the useless car and attorney fees and costs. after 2 years the vehicle still does not run and has not been repaired. and as of today the vehicle is still sitting in tha parking lot of Hoffman Estates Infiniti rusting in peace. "

Timothy Kinsella V. Infiniti Mot


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